Monday, February 25, 2008

Less Cardio: More Fat Loss

Lose More Fat with Intervals

"When I started FYM I had to make the decision to quit running every morning.

This was really hard because I was in a running group and had such a close social network in that group. So along with running and getting my exercise I was getting in my social hour too.

A sidenote, we all complained that no matter how much we ran none of us was losing any weight.(Hmmmm, I thought to myself, there has to be a better way).

Along came Holly and Fit Yummy Mummy!!

Anyway, once I stopped running long distances everyday and started the Fit Yummy Mummy way of life, I "magically" started dropping weight (6 lbs. so far), and all my running friends are asking me, "wow you look great what have you been doing?"

Well I tell them and then they look at me like I am crazy.

They all say I could never give up running.

Well, I haven't given up running. I do my running differently now. Ever heard of wind sprints or suicides (Intervals)? Those short bursts of running still give me that runner's high but I don't have to run for an hour and it is actually making me lose fat!!

Still none of my friends will jump on the bandwagon with me. Oh well, MY loss! Ha Ha!

The high intensity short burst way of exercising really is enough to give you those endorphins you crave. Plus, it makes you lose fat. What is better than that?

I just ordered this swimsuit for my Hawaii trip so I am posting the picture of the model in it.

So I put on my new swimsuit. I know I don't look as good as the model does in it, but I definitely look better than I would have a couple of months ago. Thanks Holly!!"

~ Maria

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baringapark said...

IMHO you look BETTER than the model - well done!

Keturah Y. said...

I agree with baringapark! You look amazing! Congratulations! (Wish I were in Hawaii right now...)