Friday, February 22, 2008

My Husband is Noticing My Results!

AmberLee is Taking Action and Getting Results!

What Does AmberLee's Husband think of her Fit Yummy Mummy Results?

"Just yesterday my husband commented on how my arms are looking more toned (in other words..."you're not so flabby,") and my tummy and butt are starting to tighten more!

Talk about making my day ;0)

As most of you know...I have been dealing with a couple of sickies at home (myself included) and have been unable to do much :( But I have learned that every little bit helps. And the more you force yourself to do that last interval or that last set the easier it will be to do...and the less you will dread doing it! (Still paying attention to any warnings your body may give you though!) I am starting to really enjoy the time I get to spend working out ;0)

Even though I was set back a few days with being sick, I still feel it is important to go over what Fit Yummy Mummy has done and is doing for me in just the short time I have been implementing it.

First and foremost would be how I feel...

Despite being sick for a few days, I have been feeling a lot more energetic, less moody, and more "able"...that is, able to face the world each day and strive to reach my goals.

I used to feel defeated from the moment I got out of bed because I was on so little sleep... and spent so much time caring for my newborn and my husband that I felt like I would never be able to fit in anything for myself.

This is where my mindset and outlook on "life" was skewed.

As Holly said, who is going to look out for your needs if you don't?

What a way to live...waking up each day knowing that you are not going to take care of yourself or do anything for yourself! Again, my thinking was skewed.

The more I care for myself the more able I am to care for others.

As a result of eating more supportively and taking advice from my lovely ClubFYM friends...I have been getting more sleep!!! I thought this was a lost cause...

But anything can happen when you actually take action towards it-THANK YOU to all that helped me in this quest!!!

As far as how my body is changing in appearance...I am going to take the advice of Holly and others and not weigh or measure just yet. But, I think my husband's comments are testimony enough to the fact that things ARE changing...and I will reach my goal!!!"

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