Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Beat Belly Fat

Busy Mom's quick guide to lose the "Mummy Tummy"

Okay - so as far as your Busy Mom workouts go, you now know you need to use upper body and lower body exercises that work many muscles at once – but I can hear you saying, what about my abs? I want to get rid of my "mommy belly"!

Sure, including Abs as part of your routine is beneficial for strength purposes, but remember - no amount of "abs exercises" will make the fat on your belly disappear. Doing hundreds of cruches a day will do nothing to flatten your tummy. I find it is helpful to repeat myself in the hopes that it will help you bust through the "Spot Reduction Myth" once and for all.

Your Busy Mom Workout goal is to boost your metabolism by using as many muscles as possible throughout your workout. You will get more bang for your buck by concentrating on the largest muscles. The "Abs" that you want to work through crunches are can Burn double or even triple the amount of calories by doing full body exercises.

Some of the best "ab exercises" actually use your whole body! (work your abs, use more muscles, increase your metabolism....that's the way to go!) See a couple of my favorite "crunch free" exercises below!

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For are a couple of my favorite "crunch free" Core exercises.

1. Bird Dog

2. Medicine Ball Woodchop

---------400 crunches with the ab roller is just not immpressive- (more is not better - quality is) in fact, that brings up my next to bring your workout together to challenge your muscles so you see results in the shortest amount of time possible.


ailene said...

First thing to get rid of belly... deliver a happy and healthy baby!!! ;)

I can't see your photos... :(

Thanks for all the tips! I'll have to remember them all! :D

CresceNet said...
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Angie said...

I love the medicine ball chop..I plan to use it with a lot of my PT clients! Amazing workout for abs!