Monday, October 22, 2007

Calorie Free, Instant Energy Boosters

Instant Energy for Busy Moms

Every day, millions of busy moms complain of being tired and in dire need of more energy, instant energy. As a mom, we simply have too much to do and not enough time to do it in. This can be overwhelming and exhausting.

Well the elusive "All day energy" is not found in a pill, food, drink or even an injection. These are temporary solutions, band-aids that will eventually fall off and expose the true root of your lack of energy. You'll end up frantically searching for the next "quick fix" to get you through the day unless you break this never-ending cycle.

There are certain habits that actually sabotage your ability to get more energy on a daily basis. The solution is to identify the energy zappers in your life and replace them with energy boosting solutions.

Top 4 calorie-free, energy boosting solutions:

~ Check out your Self-Talk: Are your thoughts energy-enhancing or energy-draining? Cancel negative thoughts and try thinking positive for a change. This is the quickest, surest way to generate more energy. Remember; our thoughts create our feelings, which in turn determine our actions, giving us our results. Need help? Try repeating a positive favorite - "Today is a great day!" Stop scoffing at it and try it, then find one that works for you.

~ Holding a Grudge? Concentrating on negative feelings prompts your mind and body to react as if they're under chronic stress. This only increases your heart rate and blood pressure, impairs your immune system and adds to your exhaustion. Regain your energy by practicing forgiveness. Need help? Try writing in a journal. OR (my favorite) consider this - why allow that person to have an ounce of control over you? Forgive, let it go and Move On!

~ Disorganized? If that is a resounding YES - guess what.... Cluttered space only scatters your energy, making you feel out of control and overwhelmed. End the wasted energy and chaos of frantically searching for what you need by De-cluttering. Need help? Choose 1, small area to start. Set a timer for 15 minutes, clean, and organize this one space like a race and repeat as needed. Viola! Instant energy and control!

~ "Bitten" by Energy Vampires? Negative Nellie, Debbie Downer, The Gossip Queen, The Perpetual Pessimist - They are all around you. You might not even realize it, but being in the company of these negative people can and WILL drain your energy quickly. Letting your attitude sink down to their level only validates their behavior so avoid spending time with these types of people. Need Help? If you cannot avoid them you can minimize the impact by setting boundaries - try to change the subject or flat out tell them you do not want to hear it. Or try keeping your thoughts and reactions in check while you are around them. You may find you have to simply "tune them out".

These Energy boosting shortcuts will not only allow you to experience more energy, but you'll feel so much better about yourself, get more out of each day and be able to sincerely enjoy being a mom.

Up Next: Energy Boosting Nutrition - How you eat and What you eat has the potential to skyrocket your energy levels when combined with the energy boosting solutions shared today.

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ailene said...

Wahoo! Energy is something I definitely need more of. Thanks for the tips!