Thursday, October 4, 2007

Busy Moms's Guide to Flat Abs, Favorite Ab Exercises

Do you have any really good ab exercises I could do?
That's my problem area FOR SURE.

Here's a crazy FACT: $207 million is spent each year on abdominal “equipment”.

Catchy phrases such as:
“Target Ugly Belly Fat”
“Get ripped 6-pack abs in just 30 days or your money back”
“Yes you can have abs of steel just like mine.”

Easily lure us in, with simple sounding soultions. But thousands of crunches, later…your belly fat remains.

I'm here to help clear up the myth of what it takes to burn belly fat and get flat abs...but I am also going to be upfront with must embrace the fact that it's going to take more than the latest exercise routine or gadget to get rid of your mommy belly.

The best Ab exercises in the entire world will work to strengthen your core muscles. However, until you do things to make your body lose the fat that COVERS your abs, you will be disappointed, annoyed and frustrated over, and over, and over again.

So it is time to dispell the MYTH of SPOT Reduction! is impossible to remove fat from one particular body part. Loss of Fat comes from fat cells all over your body - not just one wishful area.

Fat Loss is a 2 step Process:The only way to decrease overall body fat percentage is to create a slight caloric deficit.

WHAT? All this means is that you must burn slighlty more calories than what you take in. You DO THIS by eating supportively and following an effective exercise program - right amount of cardio and effective, short burst resistance training that is progressively challenging in order increase lean muscle which in turn will boost your metabolism.

Quick Tricks:
1. Try readjusting your goal to "Reduce my Body Fat"
2. Redefine ABS - to include your entire CORE - all the muscles that wrap around your midsection.
3. Move More
4. Eat Better

Now, that you know the basics, I would love to share my favorite CORE exercises. My Fit Yummy Mummy workouts involve engaging all the muscles in your body, not just for calorie burning and toning, but also for strength and balance. Your CORE is your body's pillar. It must be strong in order for the exercises you do to be most effective, delivering faster results.

Therefore some of my favorite and most effective "ab" exercises require NO equipment - just my own body weight.

My Top 3 Favorite "Ab" Exercises


Belly Blaster

Side Plank

You may choose to try one Ab Exercise at a time, holding for 20 - 60 secs and repeating 2 to 4 times. Or perform all 3 and repeat 2 to 4 times. Follow this routine for a couple weeks, use the quick tips and you will feel and see a big difference in your belly - as you strengthen your core, you are taking the most important step so you can go from flabby mommy belly to fit and flat abs.

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ailene said...

That side plank is a hard one! I find it hard to keep my balance! However, it does get easier with practice!!! :) Thanks for posting these exercises and busting some myths Holly!