Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Want to have Jennifer Garner Arms?

Busy Mom's Shortcut to Toned Arms

So the first step to building a Busy Mom’s Workout is to perform exercises that use the largest muscles. Squats and Lunges are an excellent choice for your lower body. But you want to have Jennifer Garner arms too!

That requires a concern for your upper body.

Abs aside, I know many of you are concerned about your Arms. They’re too big, too fat, too flabby, you just want to get rid of the flappy fat that jiggles when you wave good-bye to your kids, etc. Yes, you just want toned arms, firm arms, Jennifer Garner Arms that look awesome in sleeveless shirt or dress.

Well, there is no magic “arm exercise” you can focus on to reduce the fat in just your arms. Trying to do so is a waste of your time. No amount of tricep extensions, raises or curls you can do long enough or hard enough will make a difference if you are neglecting the larger muscles in your upper body.

(FYI: Light weight with high reps is completely wrong. Save time and sanity by ignoring this horrible rumor)

Try exercises that involve pushing or pulling movementst - these engage your chest and back muscles. My favorites are push ups and pull ups. I do not waste my valuable workout time on “isolated arm exercises”. My goal is to get in and out, give my metabolism a lasting boost and feel great all day long.

You are short on time, remember – If you seek lean, toned muscles and the increase in metabolism that comes with them, make the most of your workouts. Choose exercises that work as many different muscles as possible, exercises that give you the “biggest bang for your buck!”

Your Busy Moms Workout Shortcut? Use upper body and lower body exercises that work many muscles at once – so you burn more calories, boost your metabolism even higher, reduce body fat ALL OVER and see results faster.

Later today…I’ll answer – “But what about my abs?”

Then I'll help you figure out how to put it all together.


Petula Wright said...

This is great information. I wish you were my neighbor next door or something. I need so much more motivation than a book, video or visiting a website. It seems like the older I get, the lazier I get. It's so frustrating!

Holly Rigsby said...

Stick with it Petula! You are at least making the effort! I will pour as much motivation as I can through this blog. So stay tuned!