Monday, October 8, 2007

Cardio for Fat Loss, the TRUTH

How effective is your cardio program?

What does your cardio program look like?
What does your body look like?

Well if you're doing the same long, dreadfully boring cardio workout day after day, don't expect results. Sure this routine may have initially caused some change, but how long ago was that? And how much longer have you made your cardio routine just to see some type of change?

Sure a machine may tell you that after 60 minutes of work, you have burned 500 calories.

Great job, right? Well this is only a fraction of what it takes to boost your metabolism and burn more fat. It's not just the calories you burn during exercise that matters, it's also important how many calories your body continues to burn throughout the day. Cardio causes your metabolism to increase only temporarily, during the time of the exercise and shortly thereafter.

PLUS, scientific studies have shown us time and time again that after about 90 minutes of cardio, the body begins to become more efficient, not at burning off fat but instead at breaking down muscle for fuel... and with intense accuracy.

Clearly, this is not what you want!
Less Muscle = Lower Metabolism

Your goal with cardio should be to burn fat without burning muscle. a busy mom, do you really want to be spending this much time on an exercise that gets you nowhere?

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