Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Best Tasting Nutrition Bar Celebrates

Cravers Celebrates it's 1st Birthday ...

To Celebrate YOU Save $10!

CRAVERS: The Perfect Healthy Snack for Busy Moms on the Go…

Prograde Cravers are the perfect healthy option to satisfy any craving. Yes, that’s how they got their name!

Just look at what advantages Cravers have over other so-called “nutrition” bars on the market:

- They are the best-tasting bars on the market: Bar-none (sorry, pun intended ;-). Try one for yourself, and we know you will agree!

- Organic ingredients: No chemicals or artificial anything!

- The perfect snack size: Each bar is only 180 calo
ries, so it’s a perfect sized snack to hold you over between meals.

- Zero trans fats: Cravers have the healthy fats your body needs to keep your metabolism revving high.

- No preservatives or stabilizers: It’s all natural and certified organic!

- 3 grams of healthy fiber: Keeps you feeling full for longer.

- Sustained energy: The perfect amount of complex carbohydrates for ongoing energy when you need it most.

My Favorite are the Spirulina! Perfect for when I am on the go or just want something sweet. Just the right size and packed with yummy-ness!

Here's what you need to know to celebrate and SAVE $10 with the BEST Tasting nutrition bar...

The coupon code:

Yes, that is one word....and yes, it needs to be all lower case.

You will enter the coupon code when asked for it on the checkout page when you place your order Cravers = >HERE

HURRY - Place your order soon!

The 10$ off coupon code EXPIRES Friday, July 18th at 11:59 pm EST.

Grab Your Favorite Box of Cravers => HERE

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