Sunday, July 27, 2008

21 Days to a Lifetime of Results

Another Fit Yummy Mummy Success Story ...

....and Secrets to Success! The most amazing part...we've only just begun the 12 week Summer Transformation Challenge!

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See how Kathleen has made some amazing progress in a mere 3 weeks.
Her success also gives YOU some insight into what it takes to be successful.

"They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit.....well......these past 21 days have been PHENOMENAL!!!

I can't see myself EVER going back to my old way of doing life.

I am not perfect....I am so far from perfect.....but I am making much better choices.

Here are some of the little things I've noticed over the past three weeks.

1. I PLAN for 2-3 cheat MEALS a week instead of bingeing on treats EVERY DAY AT EVERY MEAL AND BETWEEN MEALS!!!!

I don't feel deprived. I don't miss the sugary highs and lows. I don't crave anything.

2. I make healthier choices.

Last night we had pizza for dinner. A typical pizza dinner for me would include 3 cans of diet coke, and about six slices of pizza, followed by dessert, a movie and a late-night binge.

Last night I had two VERY small squares of pizza (probably the equivalent of one normal slice), with a HUGE spinach salad, and a glass of water. Afterwards we spent almost 2 hours at the park and I PLAYED TAG with my kids. I didn't sit on the sidelines and just watch.

3. I make my health a priority.

I'm no longer making excuses as to why I can't exercise. Instead I plan it into my day and I say NO to things that get in the way of that!!!

4. I'm trying NEW things!

I'm still largely eating the same fruits and veggies but I'm slowly branching out and trying new things. I tried Susan's Spinach Smoothie ( a recipe I think I got somewhere in the forum) and YUM YUM!!!! Once I got past the name and the colour it was really good....and a GREAT way to get in some fruits and veggies!!!

5. I've lost my appetite for TV.

I was something of a television addict before and could easily spend 8 hours a day in front of the boob tube!!! And now.....I'd be pushing it if I said I'd watched even half of that in the past three weeks!!! Instead, I work out, clean my house, play with my kids, read, or do something productive that makes me feel good about myself!!!

6. I FEEL amazing!!!!

I just WON'T ever go back to feeling tired, sluggish, angry, and hopeless!!!! This feeling is worth more than any number on the scale (although I won't lie....I'm praying I see SOME sort of loss next week when I take my measurements again)!!

New habits are forming.....and old ones are dying off......and you couldn't pay me enough to go back!!! The tank is filled with fuel, the skies are sunny, and this girl is ready to RIDE!!!!!!"

~ Kathleen, Proud member of ClubFYM and Summer Transformation Challenge Participant

What have you done over the past 3 weeks?
Don't you deserve to say and feel what Kathleen has shared here with you today?

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