Friday, July 25, 2008

Fit Yummy Mummy 2nd Place Winner Joins Challenge Again!

Your Summer Motivation!

"Staying motivated and positive since I first began my Fit Yummy Mummy lifestyle at the beginning of the year. I cannot believe 6 months have gone by so quickly!

I have gained so much more than 2nd place in the Spring Transformation Challenge ~ since starting the Fit Yummy Mummy lifestyle I have gained strength, energy, a love of life, a sense of self worth, and some wonderful amazing women that I am so proud to call friends and family!

I am so truly grateful to Holly and her amazing lifestyle programme, she has truly changed my life, to the ladies on ClubFYM for all their ongoing support.

Wishing all the Summer Transformation Challenge participants good luck."


Just a reminder of the Results you can achieve....

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