Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Battle of the Monthly Munchies

Curb Your PMS Cravings

Q: HOW do you fight the "monthly munchies"??? It really seems a losing battle!

It really seems a losing battle! I had a "cheat meal" for dinner/ dessert and yet, even knowing I was over where I wanted to be calorically, the only chocolate in the house HAD to go into my tummy... and now I am having another snack because I was starving! What is it that the female body is looking for at that "PMS" time?? ~ Kelly

A: Yes - those undeniable monthly munchies..... I cannot tell you HOW many times I and so many women have looked up from an empty bag of cookies, chips or even the pint of ice cream in the garbage and said - "Now what was that all about?".....Then it hits us..."OH - it must be my monthly cravings!"

We can get so caught up in the habit of mindless eating that the results of the monthly cravings can be downright devastating! Not only for our body, but for our peace of mind. How can we ever forgive ourselves for going overboard!

Awareness is KEY to gaining control and minimizing the effect these cravings have.

I suggest taking the time to jot down on your calendar when you feel....low energy, slight irritability (which has decreased tremendously for me - I will tell you why in a minute) and of course uncalled for cravings. After a couple months of doing this you will SEE a Pattern!

This allows you to plan ahead and Anticipate when those feeling will hit. You can plan your meals, your activities, your workload, etc. By knowing - you can account for the craving splurges.

With this also comes the understanding that One week with a couple extra splurges is NOT going to hurt you. Your appetite will naturally increase. We actually need more calories premenstrually, so it would make sense we might experience more cravings if we're short on energy.

In fact, afterwards you will be even more motivated to "work it off" - I actually feel lighter once this phase passes - even what I describe as a strange sense of freedom for cravings DO tend to take over and cause us to experience an uncomfortable lack of control.

Manage those Monthly Cravings!
When you know a food craving is going to strike, you can make substitutions instead of simply surrendering.

- Map it out. Anticipate when it those cravings are coming. Yes it's okay to give in to some, just in moderation, then you get right back on track.

~ Eat balanced meals every 3 to 4 hours. Eat carbs, protein and a little fat with every meal and snack. Eating meals that are lacking in one kind of food, we may be more likely to crave it later. Eating often keeps your appetite under control.

~ Craving-proof your home. The simplest way to quash a craving is to ban crave-worthy foods from your environment. If you do buy snack foods like chips or cookies, choose small packages or individually wrapped portions to avoid going overboard. Meanwhile, here are three ways to make healthy, lowfat snacks easily available for regular indulgence:

1. Cut up and bag fresh, munchable veggies....arrots, radishes, broccoli and celery stick ahead of time. Eat with lowfat cheese or hummus.

2. Keep light microwave popcorn packages to have on hand, and sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on top.

3. Keep fruit washed and ready to slice into a container of lowfat yogurt.

~ Go Ahead! It's okay to have what you are craving. Allow yourself a single-sized portion as opposed to buying and eating a larger size. The most common food craved...Chocolate! It does provide some natural mood boosters and endorphins, so have moderation!

I also wanted to share why my mood swings are basically nonexisitant. Keep in mind that I had a sound nutrition plan and challenging exercise routine in place for a good year or so - but my mood swings....well let's just say my husband was miserable at the very least - 2 times a month.

I would just have ridiculous nervous breakdowns! Over trivial things. Well I will tell you what I did and it has TOTALLY mellowed me out. So I believe it, i live it, I recommend it....I have been "nervous break down-free" going on 6 months. I take Prograde VGF+25 for women. It is not a "vitamin" but a whole food supplement and it has additional herbs for the black cohosh and evening primrose.

Now when it comes to supplements - sure we each have our own recommendations to what works. I am not about pushing supplements on anyone - however, when something this powerful and beneficial is available - I will tell you about it.

I also take Prograde 's EFA Icon (the omega-3 fish oils, which also have a huge impact on PMS and premenopausal symptoms) and after my workouts the Prograde Workout a Post workout drink.

So if you want to know more, check out the Prograde site. I have a ton of testimonials from women in my hometown who absolutely love it and the way it makes them feel more balanced.

Thanks for a great question, Kelly! Your Fit Yummy Mummy transformation is gaining momentum. You will be entering the New Year in a brand new body!

Why not join Kelly and the rest of the Fit Yummy Mummy's in the Making?

There is no better time than NOW....I Want to Unleash My Yummy-ness!

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