Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Eat Pray Love: Elizabeth Gilbert on Oprah

Elizabeth Gilbert's Journey to Reclaim her Life
Take Away message for Busy Moms

What you can Learn from Her very personal Spiritual Journey

I happened to come across Elizabeth Gilbert and her book "Eat Pray Love" on Oprah this afternoon. Caught my attention as so many women who had read her book began to share their own life changing experiences.

I was especially interested in Elizabeth's thoughts on "putting yourself first".

The biggest reason why more women do NOT put themselves first is the Fear of appearing Selfish.

Elizabeth Gilbert shared the difference maker in a way that all Busy Moms must take note of:

"To be Selfish - is to be greedy, hording and cruel.

To put Put yourself First - is to Do what is Beneficial to You.
To be a good example for how to live a happy life"

I like to think about it like this...putting yourself first is all about being loving, kind and caring towards YOU. It’s about honoring the commitments you make to yourself; it’s about taking care of you in all aspects – body, mind, and spirit. Without this attitude of self-care and nurturing, you are of no use to anyone – not to yourself and certainly not to others.

You can Do This!
So just how do you find balance in giving in to the needs of others so that you can properly take care of yourself first?

It all starts with making a commitment to yourself. Then you must know how to communicate your needs to others.

When you keep your commitments to yourself - you have the time, energy and other resources to help and take care of others.

As far as communication goes...if you don't like saying "No" to others - then don't make promises.

Self-care begins from the inside out, with the recognition that you are worthy of nurturing. It’s a habit, a practiced over time. It’s the small choices you make everyday that make the biggest difference: adequate sleep; a quiet lunch, a great novel; a walk in the park; thirty minutes of solitude.

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Oprah's Things said...

It is about living life to the fullest and making time for you! I am glad you enjoyed the show also!