Saturday, December 22, 2007

Top 7 Convenience Store Snacks To Keep You Slim

Supportive Travel Snacks
The best Grab and Go, On the Road, Slim Snacks

The holidays have put me on the road this holiday season. Despite my efforts to plan ahead - I seem to repeatedly end up in the aisles of the Convenience Store with my son looking for the best, on-the-go snack options.
Planning a holiday road trip? You too are about to find yourself in the same situation. No worries! What follows are my suggested "good snack choices" that will help you stay slim during your holiday travels.
Before I reveal my favorite on the go snack options, realize that gas stations, convenience stores and mini marts are some of the best places for impulse purchases as well as fast food destinations. These pit stops are quite attractive as we travel for they meet our most basic needs while on the road...
~ Convenience
~ Speed
~ Value

You can maintain the benefits of these speedy pit stops and avoid the empty calories that contribute to the dreaded holiday weight gain by swapping out traditional road trip snacks with the following 7 Supportive Convenience Store Snacks - Stay Slim while you Travel.
1. Almonds - My favorite are the pre-packaged Blue Diamond Almonds.
2. Beef Jerky - High in protein, low in calories, chewy-ness lends to a slow, savory snack. (No, Slim Jims do not count).
3. Fruit - About 28% of convenience stores now carry some type of fresh fruit. When in doubt, look for dried fruit. Choose a variety that has no added sugars and keep the portion size in check.
4. V8 Juice - Better than ANY juice you could choose, low in calories, fills you up with necessary servings of veggies - a refreshing "pick-me-up".
5. Cereal - Portion controlled, ready to eat cereals that are low in sugar and high in fiber - Mini Wheats, Cheerios, etc. If you feel the need, a great way to boost the nutritious factor is to pair this with some skim milk.
6. Granola Bar - There are a lot of deceivingly healthy sounding brands. Your best bet are the hard, Nature Valley granola bars in the green package.
7. Protein Bar - Don't be fooled in this section - out of all the choices you have - very few are actually good for you. Many are loaded with sugar and trans fat (partially hydrogenated oils - check the label)! If you go this route, choose one that is higher in protein by a 3:1 ratio to fat. My favorite - Cliff Bars.

These 7 on the go snacks will keep you satisfied while you are on the road.
To create a more balanced snack be sure to include a Protein with your fruit, granola bar, cereal or V8 Juice.
Don't forget to grab a bottle of water to stay hydrated. Avoid the empty calorie colas and energy drinks - they will not only contribute to holiday weight gain but the high sugar contents will only lead to a sleepy driver shortly after consuming.
Stay Safe - choose water
Stay Slim - choose a nutritious, fat burning, satisfying snack
"Things are going great, Holly!I have lost eight pounds and a dress size! My annual Christmas Party was last night and there wasn't a guest who didn't comment on my 'fabulousness!' : )Thank you for helping me through this holiday season!" ~ Sasha Coleman
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