Saturday, December 1, 2007

Intervals Idea

Spice up your Cardio with Fat Burning Skipping Intervals

Forget long duration cardio!

Short Burst Interval Training is the perfect compliment to your fat loss program. There are so many ways to incorporate Intervals into your program.

Angie Tousignant from The Fit Chick is my guest today to show you one way to mix up her Intervals. In the video above Angie demonstrates Short Burst Interval Training using skipping/marching which is incorporated into her fat loss Workouts.

The key is to have the "working part" of the Intervals to be very intense (according to your fitness level) and then you spend your "rest period" with a lower intensity movement. The difference between your work and rest should be obvious. In the video, the skipping portion really gets the heart rate going and is intense. The marching is slow and allows you to catch your breath before you go at it again.

Like me, Angie also likes to do run/walk intervals, burpees, jumping jacks, skip intervals, or sometimes combine them all - my favorite!

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Bumblebee said...

Who would choose to do such long bouts of cardio? THIS is the only way to go!! I've been doing walk/run intervals but didn't think of skipping or even jumping jacks! Thanks for sharing!