Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holiday Energy Boosters

Get More Energy: Energizing Habits for the Holidays

It is very common this time of season for Busy Moms to feel completely exhausted.

The added chaos of the holidays can zap every last drop of energy we have. So my advice to you Moms, who are looking for a solution to getting more energy is to double check your habits and make sure you have the following Energizing Habits in place.

1. Eat an Energizing Breakfast - a great choice is high in protein and fiber. My favorite energizing breakfast is rolled oats made with whipped egg whites, topped with blueberries and a dollop of vanilla yogurt.

2. Eat every 3-4 hours. Food is fuel, if you do not eat, you have no fuel, therefore you have no energy. Refueling your body with supportive foods throughout the day also keeps your metabolism revved up and burning more fat!

Take a look at the Top 10 Energy Boosting Foods for ideas.

3. Drink Water - and lots of it. If you are dehydrated, it slows everything down. Water is not only refreshing and calorie-free - it will leave you feeling energized instead of drained like a lot of high sugar, high calorie Caffeine drinks.

4. Perform Short Burst Workouts at least 3 to 5 times a week. Yes, you want to include resistance training - it is the only exercise that boosts your metabolism - cardio does not. A high metabolism means MORE energy for YOU - PLUS - exercise melts the energy-draining stress we would normally struggle with.

Have you tried the Fat Blasting Holiday Workout ?

I Love doing these workouts, the short burst cardio is a life saver! I have 4 boys so I don't have a lot of time, but I can always fit in your workout and I love doing it! Thanks for all your support! By the way I LOVE the workout DVD. If your thinking about making another one, that would be great and I would love to purchase it!” ~ Pam O'Donnell

Make sure you also implement these Must Have Energy Boosting Habits to give you the added punch needed to enjoy all the holiday season has to offer.

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Cassandra Forsythe said...

Great post Holly!

I like the breakfast suggestion :) - one of my favs too.

Hope you're having a good holiday!

Best, Cass