Monday, December 24, 2007

On The Go, 10 Minute Holiday Workout

10 Body Weight Exercises, 10 Minutes
Blast Holiday Fat and Stay Fit

Short, simple, effective.
Anywhere, anytime.

No Excuse for you not to stay committed to your fat loss goals and stay fit this holiday season with this 10 minute workout.

Based on my own personal experience of traveling over the holidays, it was easier for me to find a creative way to stay active rather than fit my normal workout routine into an ever changing holiday schedule.

The key to stay on track is to be consistent - well over the holidays this takes some flexibility and creativity. The "On The Go" Holiday Workout is a great solution for it uses 10 effective body weight movements that combine resistance training and cardio into a 10 minute routine.

By fitting in an alternative workout to your normal Short Burst Resistance Training and Intervals, you can feel good about the fact that you are consistent with your plan, you will feel energized, you will feel less stressed and you will be in a better position to burn off those excess holiday calories.

On the Go, 10 Minute Holiday Workout
Perform as many repetitions of each exercise for 1 minute. Complete in order in a circuit fashion, little to no rest between each movement.

1. Body weight squats
2. Push ups
3. Jumping jacks
4. Mountain climbers
5. Lunges (alternating)
6. Y Squats
7. T-Ups (alternate each side)
8. Hip Bridges
9. Belly Blasters
10. Burpees

Best Ways to use the On the Go 10 Minute Workout:

~ First thing in the morning to super charge your metabolism and energy levels for the day.
~ Prior to a holiday feast to help curb your appetite.
~ Anytime you feel the need to mix up the day if you have been a more sedentary than you like.

Like I said, this is a great alternative to your normal workout routine. You bypass the "no time" or "no way" to exericse excuses. When you effectively manage the time and resources you do have, you maintain the momentum you worked so hard to begin and have the ability to enter the New Year a few pounds lighter.

"Yea! I'm starting to get great abs! My upper abs look really good, and my mommy belly is shrinking! I'm starting to get some muscle definition in my arms. I have lost 5 lbs so far. Today I am wearing a pair of jeans that fit snuggly, but now they fit very well. :D Thanks Holly!"
~ Marci

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