Sunday, December 2, 2007

How to Find the Best Jeans for New Curves

Fit Yummy Mummy's Need New Jeans!
Loss of Inches Reveals New Curves!

Just 3 weeks later, Short Burst Resistance Training is Losing the Yummy Mummy's Inches!

"Thank you Holly. You really are an Angel for me.
I have got great results so far. I am really please with the way my body is shaping up !!!!
I need to buy new jeans now. Any suggestion on a brand ??? I just cant find anything that suits my new curves !!! I feel good. I feel beautiful.
I have plenty energy!" ~ Eliane Terrien

Fit Yummy Mummy's are seeing results - and FAST! It's time to get rid of those frumpy "Mom Jeans" and trade them in for some stylish denim to show off those new curves!

If you are searching for the perfect pair for yourself you most likely have some questions:

WHO makes a great pair of jeans?
WHAT makes a great pair of jeans?
HOW much should you pend on the jeans?
Why is it necessary to have a great pair of jeans in your wardrobe?

Well my favorite fashion expert Tammy Gibson from A Mom in Red High Heels has all the answers along with some very helpful websites to help you shop for your perfect fit. You must read her informative articles to get you on your way to looking Fit and Yummy!

Getting Away from Mommy Jeans

Jeans: A Mom's Best Friend

Looking to lose inches and look amazing in your jeans this holiday season? No need to wait - grab your Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle System and in a matter of weeks, you will find yourself just like Eliane - in search of a new, smaller pair of jeans to show off your new curves.

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