Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How to Avoid the Holiday "Blow Out"

Proven "Stay-on-Track"' Holiday Survival Strategies

The holidays present a unique set of challenges....such as delicious and tempting holiday eats!

"I'll just have a taste!"

Now you are feeling horribly guilty for not just having a bite of that freshly baked chocolate cake and a few gourmet chocolate candies.....but having a nice big, heaping slice and a handful of candy from the nearby dish - not just once.....but twice!!!!

You not only feel guilty for allowing this to happen - you fear that these choices will undo all the hard work you have put into getting your body back.

Sound a bit like you? Well - you are NOT alone. And unlike most people who began these indulgences weeks ago, a few unsupportive choices will not bring you back to square one.

Losing all control and gaining a few pounds over the holidays is a common fear that many women have around this time of year. The good thing is that you recognize what you have done - you are not in denial - and you are ready to fight back.

While your plan may be to stick to your nutrition and exercise plan as closely as possible for the next couple weeks - it is also just as important to allow:

1. Flexibility
2. Forgiveness

In life, no matter how well we have something planned - the possibility that something may happen to offset our plans always exists. That is why we must be aware of and plan for obstacles and set backs.

The holidays have too many unexpected events and treats - to strictly adhere to a exercise and nutrition plan is a great goal - but must also be realistic.

By practicing a bit of flexibility and forgiveness you can avoid feelings of guilt and bypass the whole - "This doesn't work for me, I quit" mindset.

It is in your best interest over the holidays to plan for unexpected events and temptations. If you decide to have a couple extra cheat meals, then so be it. You will do more harm than good by beating yourself up over your decision to overindulge.

What about my results? It is not one meal or skipped workout that causes you to LOSE everything you have worked so hard to Achieve....

You GAIN Weight because.... day after day after day you make poor choices and revert back to old habits. You end up here only when you allow yourself to - by ignoring the choices you are making and the impact it is having on you physically and emotionally.

If you have made any effort at all over the past few weeks based on the tips, tools and strategies I have provided you - then this is NOT you.

So you must at this very moment - Forgive yourself.
Then take a moment to reflect and ask how you could have realistically handled the situation differently. EX) Have some dessert ....but reduce the portion size.
When you give yourself permission and you are less likely to overindulge and more likely to Stay on Track!

Now what....?
After forgiveness and reflection have taken place - you are at a better place mentally to get back on track and establish a Plan for Success.

Look ahead to other potentially tempting events and situations. Choose to eat supportively up until the event and/or you can always add an extra short burst resistance training or interval workout into your routine.

Whether you choose to continue to make progress over the holidays or to simply maintain, then you must have a well thought out Plan for Success- complete with obstacles and stated solutions AND you must be completely in touch and aware of the choices you make on a daily basis.

In other words- Take Responsibility for your actions! For no one makes you eat what you do not truly want to eat. You are the only person in control of your body - not even the pushiest of relatives.

Sorry - but hurt feelings go away - extra pounds as a result do not (and hurt feelings over not eating something is pretty self-centered). Plus, where is the person who "forced" you to eat that second helping while you are making every effort to exercise and eat right just to lose the fat you gained from all those second helpings?

Each encounter with an obstacle, hurdle or setback (or difficult family member)- only makes us stronger and wiser so we are more capable of dealing with it in the future.

Have an awesome Holiday, enjoy the festivities and the treats that go along with them...in moderation and you most certainly can enjoy the progress you have made.

"Reading what you are saying here, I think it is finally beating in to my head. Eat supportively throughout the day, enjoy dinner out a few times, enjoy the holidays but realize the Fit Yummy Mummy voice in your head has gotten pretty loud at this point and will make it much easier to find ways to eat well." ~ Kelly Alford

Wish you had the same "voice", assurance and accountability to become unstoppable as you reclaim your best body ever? Be sure to grab your copy of Fit Yummy Mummy before the New Year so you can fully establish your Look Great in 2008 Fit Yummy Mummy Lifestyle Plan.

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