Sunday, December 16, 2007

No Time for Me

Rest or Keep Rushing?

This important message was delivered to my inbox this morning. I was compelled to share it with you, for the message parallels the exact same thing I have been telling Busy Moms all along. Moms who feel like there is no possible way to "make time for me". This just isn't so - and in fact is a very damaging excuse. Take a look at what Mary and Heather from have to say about it.

"Oftentimes we find ourselves running around in the SAHM/WAHM box.

The daily grid we find ourselves circling in of work, school, errands, and little time for a social experience. Everyone is too hurried at school, too rushed by deadlines at work, and too crazed by responsibilities to connect with each other.

How do we break the cycle? First things first.

~ Carve 15 minutes to yourself. You might say you are too busy but that isn't true.
~ Stop

Stop what you're doing and rejuvenate yourself by a walk or simply sitting outside or resting on your sofa. You will feel more energized. Try it."

Mary & Heather
Authors of "Live the Life You Crave; It's All About You" - A MUST Read Moms!

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