Monday, December 10, 2007

Top 5 Beauty and Fashion Gifts for Busy Moms

Beauty and Fashion Expert Shares Top 5 Gifts for Busy Moms

The Holiday season is a mass of activity, spending and rushing (or waiting, if in line!). The season goes by so quickly! While you are out shopping for everyone else, Tammy Gibson over at A Mom in Red High Heels encourages you to snatch up a few goodies for yourself to enjoy!

There are so many great sales, you shouldn’t feel guilty for indulging a little on yourself - -You Deserve it Mom!

Top 5 recommended beauty and fashion gifts to treat yourself with:

A Fabulous Cocktail Ring that you’ll wear to your holiday events. A cocktail ring attracts a lot of attention. You can buy something fun, glamorous or totally unique. Make it your own statement.

Comfy, Sassy Jammies. You will benefit from the happy feeling you’ll have when you wake up and realize how darn cute you look. You deserve to wake up in fitted, cute sleepwear NOT baggy, stained, stretched and ugly things that should have been thrown out long ago!

Luscious Body Treats. Buy yourself some yummy scented shower gel, lotion and hand cream. The touch of your silky skin and the hint of your favorite scent will keep you connected with yourself.

New Lip Gloss. The holiday season is a great time to buy cosmetics and receive a gift with purchase! Find your favorite gloss set and purchase it for yourself! You’ll start the holidays with a dazzling smile! Wear alone or over your lipstick for extra shine and sparkle!

Pashmina Shawl. You'll wear it again and again! Wear it with dresses or jeans to really make your outfit special!

You've worked hard to be a Fit Yummy Mummy this year! Now it's time to refresh, indulge and enjoy! Happy Holidays!

Your Beauty and Fashion Expert,
Tammy Gibson

Tammy is a busy mom dedicated to empowering moms through beauty and style. For more fashion, beauty and yummy inspiration visit A Mom in Red High Heels.

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"My first week on Fit Yummy Mummy is over.....and I'm feeling real good. I have to tell you that I really feel in control of my life and my body for the first time in a very long time.....everything went according to plan, my insides feel clean and nice and I feel very energetic and happy.

The fact that I am not deprived of enjoying foods I like and that I only have to devote 15-20 minutes a day for exercise, makes a world of difference to me because now I know that this is a lifestyle I can integrate into my life, at ANY stage in my life without ever feeling that I am losing out on something.

Now I know that I can take care of myself and my body without compromising on my family's needs...... I feel empowered and beautiful!

One BIG HURRAH!!!! for our dear Ms. Holly and all you wonderful women out there!!!!! "
~ Ann Paulosekutty
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